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Sethi asked 7 months ago

Hey, buddies does anyone know how to recover Blocked WordPress.org account, because my account was blocked. Note that my same email address is being used in the WordPress.com account with the different password and working fine. But I wanted to review some WordPress plugins, how can revert my account back?
When I tried to log in, the error came like below-

But, when I tried to reset my password, it says that recovery of password of my account is not allowed. Any solution?  Thanks in Advanced.

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1 Answers
Georgia answered 7 months ago

I think WordPress don”t disclose any specific notice for your account block. But as of now you can the dollowing-

  • Register with Separate Email.
  • Give good or bad reviews on plugin but never post links of any website or blogs.
  • Be realistic.
  • Be honest.
  • Never troll any developer, you can encourage them to do good jobs in the next updates.
  • Never open multiple accounts with different different emails.
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