DWQA QuestionsWhy Spammy Site Ranked easily and pushed out from Google?
Annoymous asked 9 months ago

Hey everyone!
I’ve been noticing quite a few recent google updates and have some questions in mind.
I’ve witnessed lot of posts mentioning, ‘google’s algorithm’ is getting better and spammy sites have been pushed out, but, I could see spammy sites ranking after the update for some weeks and then it naturally went down, could anyone explain what is it?
Secondly, let’s assume you have a site with 10 articles live on it.
You haven’t been writing new post but, you’re frequently updating old posts, does your ranking got affected by not posting new content?
Like more frequent content gets you in google news, In such way does google annihilates the blog who doesn’t update it with new content?
Google likes revelant content and by posting more information you get on top!!!! Something I’ve heard since the very beginning.
I’ve seen blogs providing no content, only the download link and ranking consistently on every keyword through spamming, Never really got effected by any updates, now, what could that mean?
I’m not expecting a relevant answer because no one really knows what’s going on at the backend but just want to know your point of view and your experience regarding such terms.

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