DWQA QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsWhy .co domains are more expensive?
Bikash asked 8 months ago

Hello sir, I want to renew one of my domain which shows as 33.58$, I can’t afford that price, but I need that domain. Can you tell me how to get it in lower price. Also let me know why it is more expensive tgan any other tlds like. com, .net, .org, etc?

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2 Answers
Praan Kumar answered 8 months ago

Why Expensive? Because .co Domains are catchy and it also top-level domain, i.e. TLD. .co stands for the company, if some company can’t find the .com extension name, then they keep .co as optional. To lower your renew price you can transfer that domain name to another registrar before the date of expiry.

Saloni answered 8 months ago

yes Because .co Domain Is top level domain Which Gets more preference Than Low level domain
But Happynewyear script you use free domain like .tk,.ooo etc

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