DWQA QuestionsWhat is the easiest method to earn 1000$ per month from a blog?
Annonymous asked 2 years ago

I really some information. I have a blog with daily 1000 page views, but doing blog manually is hard because it requires time as well as money. As I don’t have so much of money right now I would prefer automated niche.Can you help me in this matter. Thank you.

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2 Answers
Praan Kumar Staff answered 2 years ago

You can collect whois data of the daily regisered domains.
Then make a some tools like SEO tools, top 10 survey, automatic voting system.
Email the domain owners about you tools.
I hope they will look your blog regular basis to see their progessive in case of SEO tools.
Again if you can make a voting survey system, the top voted item/person will automatically in pos no.1 then this might help your blog running autopilot.
Best of luck.

Rivat50 answered 7 months ago

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