DWQA QuestionsCategory: Trouble ShootingWhat is the Best Plugin for Spam Comments? Akismet bs Anti Spam
Hiya asked 7 months ago

Please help to handle with good anti spam comment plugin. Because my site is boombered with spam comments and loading slow. Please probive best option. Note that I used Google catchapa plugin before which causes load time issue. Thanks in advanced.

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Pankaj answered 7 months ago

The Best and Only WordPress Plugin to Stop Spam Comments (It’s not Akismet):
Anti-Spam (https://wordpress.org/plugins/anti-spam/)
It’s far better than Akismet because it doesn’t allow spam comments to enter into your WordPress database itself. Whereas Akismet calls third-party server to check if the comment is spam or not. So it’s better in performance.
Once my site was bombarded with spam comments that Akismet was not able to handle and causing my site to go down frequently. After some research, I came to know about Anti-Spam and from that day I have never faced spam comments issue.
The only caveat is manual spam, but that will not be more than 5-10 because most of the spam comments are done using bots.
I am using only this plugin for more than 3 years, the image itself is enough to tell you how grateful I am for this plugin.

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