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Tech Mania asked 4 months ago

I want to make some PBN sites, kindly please describe what are some false and true beliefs about SEO domains?

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Gopi answered 4 months ago

Myths/ False Beliefs of SEO domains

I found many SEOs not having a clear idea on selecting the SEO domains (domains used for PBNs or 301 purposes).
So, I would like to clear main a few misconceptions on SEO domains based on the experiments I made on my PBN sites!

1. Niche relevancy

Many of the SEO guys are looking for niche specific domains. Even many people messaged me demanding domains on specific niches.
But believe me, niche doesn’t actually matter much. Instead what matters is the quality of links. Domains with contextual links from authority sites and non-repurposed ones are good to go!
In my case, I have registered an Arts niche domain and repurposed it as a tech PBN. Now that PBN is ranking on page 1 for a few tech-related keywords and gets 20 to 50 pageviews per day.
Inference: Always give high priority for link quality rather than niche relevancy.

2. Dropped domains vs Non-drop domains

Few of the SEOs demand for non-drop domains. They believe that the dropped domains are de-valued by Google.
But actually, it’s not!
In my case, most of the PBN domains are dropped ones. These PBNs starts ranking for a few keywords within 3 to 4 weeks! 😉 I have even applied adsense for 2 PBNs 😛
So if the dropped domains are devalued then how do they rank?!?!
Inference: You need not care if the domain is dropped/ non-drop. The only thing you need to consider is, checking if the domain is repurposed in past. By the way, if a domain has 3 or more drops then it’s more likely that the domain is reused.

3. Indexed vs Non-Indexed domains

Many of the SEOs check if the domains are indexed in Google and filter out the non-indexed domains.
This is another myth! Because domains that are not active for a few months are being deindexed by Google. Just because the domain is non-indexed in Google, it doesn’t mean the domain is spam or devalued.
In my case, the PBN domain referred in the first section was also non-indexed while I have registered. But later it got indexed and started ranking too!
Inference: Don’t care if the domain is indexed or not. Just check if it has been reused in the past.

4. Other language sites

Many of the SEOs straightaway skip the domains if it’s wayback is in other languages.
This is yet another myth! Irrespective of the language the SEO value (i.e link juice) of the domain remains the same.
In my case, the domain’s wayback was in Portuguese. But I have reused it with English content and it started ranking.
Inference: Don’t filter a domain just because its in different language. By the way, if the domain was initially used in some language and later repurposed with Chinese content then it’s definitely spam!

5. High RD vs Low RD

Few of the SEOs believe that, if a domain had many referring domains, it is powerful. This is also not true unless the domain has contextual links…
A domain with 10 contextual links is more powerful than a domain with 100s of directory / profile / forum / GSA links.
Inference: Quality of links matters over quantity of links
These are some of the myths with SEO domains. Hope it’s clear now!
Do comment if you have any more queries 🙂
I will also share another detailed guide on the SEO domain spam check process soon 😉

velasques88 replied 4 months ago

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