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Ritesh asked 3 months ago

Hi, does anyone facing a network error on Jio while opening Alexa.com?
Here what I am getting error msg on Alexa.com from Jio.

Jio Network Problem On alexa.com website

How to open as I needed to check the Alexa rank of my website. Please help.

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7 Answers
praankumar Staff answered 3 months ago

You can access any website via Bypass its traffic. We have checked in India, Jio blocks Alexa.com
Don’t worry about it, this may be done by mistake. Till then you can always access such blocked website by using free VPN proxy website. Some of the proxy websites to bypass and access Jio are-
and So on. Now see it how it looks like on a proxy website-

Jio Ban Alexa.com

There is numerous proxy website on the internet. Just search on Google proxy website.

But if you want to check Alexa rank only, not for the other purpose, then check Alexa rank from  here http://siteprice.lookthis.in/

Raman answered 3 months ago

I am using android free vpn app. Install any good rating android app from playstore and enjoy any banned website. Best of luck.

Ankit answered 3 months ago

Yes. They have banned Alexa.com. Guys, we should fight back because previously they blocked access to Soundcloud, Reddit etc. After complaints,they removed block. As a blogger, Alexa.com is important to me. Its not about VPN, its about Net Neutrality Act. They are taking our freedom of internet.

Ritesh answered 3 months ago

I am  agree with you Ankit. But how to fight with Jio?

Ankit answered 3 months ago

I am contacting customer care from 2 days. Yesterday, I was not sure about their block. So, I accepted those call center answers like – Alexa Site may down, Contact Amazon etc. Today I checked all over internet, found that Jio is intentionally banning many sites.
Today, at evening, I talked to customer care again and got same answer. Then I requested to talk to upper level manager, then they transferred my call. Then we talked about 10 min. It was like debate and I gave him all forums, discussion proofs. At finally he changed his answer to ok, we will check this matter with their technical team.
Then happened the strange thing – I reloaded Alexa.com and it was up!! I thought I have done it! For 5 mins I was able to access the site like previous days. BUT AGAIN, after 5 min, they blocked it!!! And now its blocked..
Remember, I did’nt use VPN, DNS tricks in those 5 min, but site was accessible after call. And banned again after 5 min.
There is something fishy man. They are playing with customers. So, please, you also complaint to customer care, ask them to transfer call to upper level manager etc. I prove them they are thieves trying to fool people.Because, this has to be stop.

Waiting for your exeprience. I am searching for other forums to help.

Mayank answered 3 months ago

Commission junction is also banned on jio from mobile.
Jio is cheating people. Poor network than before. Use vodafone or Idea instead. 

Kim answered 3 months ago

I think alexa website is banned similarly some other adult website though it has no objectionable content by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of India. The reason is not known why DOT or Indian Government blocked this website, but I too got this message while trying to open the alexa.com website **YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS THIS WEB PAGE AS PER THE DOT COMPLIANCE**

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