DWQA QuestionsCategory: WordPressIs Rank Math Seo Plugin bettar than Yoast Plugin?
Dibya asked 6 months ago

Can someone provide comprehensive difference btween Rank Math Seo plugin by Mythemeshop and Yoast Seo Plugin.
What are the pros and cons both of the Plugin?

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2 Answers
Riki answered 6 months ago

Both the Rank math and Yoast is All in One Solution for all your SEO needs. Rank math is said to be the main competitor of most dominated SEO plugin yoast over years. years is some significance difference between the Plugins.
Product Rich Sinppet
Rank Math comes with new feature for ecommerce sute for quick product rich snippet which is absent in Yoast. Below is the demo.
Nofollow External Link
By default in Yoast, all the external links are follow link and can’t be altered. But in Rank Math Plugin you can make outlink as follow or Nofollow type.
External Window Target
In yoast the external links can’t be opened in a new window, but in Rank math you can also open external url in a new window.
Automated Image SET
In case of Automated Image SEO, Yoast plugin doesn’t automatically add seo attributes to your images. But using Rank math will do your Image automatically SEO optimized adding alt tags and attributes.
Ping Search Engines
Rank math automatically ping search engine after a post is published. This will help you to index in search engine more quickly and bring traffic to your site.
Overall both the free plugin is Good for your Site to optimize your article.
Still if you are more curious about Rank Math Seo plugin, read here is 63 features described by the plugin developer. 
If you love Yoast, then know it here.

Telecompunch answered 5 months ago

I am using Rank Math on Telecompunch I am having duplicate title issues.

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