DWQA QuestionsCategory: Social MediaIs FameSwap.com fake or legit? Provide Reviews please
Pooja asked 7 months ago

I want to buy account from fameswap as my Brand account has only 8K followers. Also, I have no time to grow it as I have a lots of work. If you have good or bad experience with it, kindly share with me.

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1 Answers
Nishant answered 7 months ago

Hi there, the fameswap.com is legit or not I don’t know. But buy sell of fan pages like facebook, instagram, twitter are against terms of service. That’s why underworld marketing are done by anonymously, like you can’t see the full username of the account before purchase.
My suggestion is that, though all those accounts of instagram, facebook or youtube whatever, you may not get the real followers. Most of them are bot as well as people who are bored over social media and nothing to do more than liking some hot pics of girls or models.

So, think before buying it. You might know that in business quantity doesn’t matter rathar than quality. So, having junk in your account may not give you satisfactory result but building faithful relationship from scratch with interested people may be helpful.

Again if you also don’t have any serious service or products, but want to share some viral topics or news articles, then this accounts might help you.

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