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Syam asked 8 months ago

Hello Everyone,
One of my website is screwed up in the last google update held on 24th September. One of my site which was was ranking on top of google is now no where.
while digging down to list all the reason of penalty. I found that Someone has did Negative SEO on my website.
I checked Google webmaster tool and I found lot of comment backlinks are pointing toward my website. (Someone has made spam links to my site).
Even, I checked my content, and found lot of people has copied my whole content and posted on there website.
So, What all steps should I take?
And What all other things should I check to get my ranking back.

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Yash answered 8 months ago

For copied content file a DMCA against those websites and for bad links disavow them and wait for at least 1 month to get the rankings back. I’m answering it on the questions you have posted. However, these answers aren’t sure shot ways to get your rankings back for sure. There’s always more to the picture.

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