DWQA QuestionsHow to Increase Google ranking for deals, coupon, offer site?
Ahmed asked 7 months ago

Hello Friends, I need Help & Suggestions
I have one website for Deals Offers Coupons. I don’t know Alexa Ranking maters or not But ranking in India under 20K.
I want to increase my traffic (Currently Daily Traffic is 4-5K) and better in Google Ranking. So what should i have to do to increase google ranking?
I read about Backlinks, All said do guest blogging, so for deal n offer website, how i get backlink?
If i will sue Bookmarking/Web Directory Submission, this thing will help or not?

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1 Answers
M Sharma answered 7 months ago

Promote on social media..
Get profile links..
Make a Facebook Group as well if you have Deals site share your best deals there keep members engaged and It might be like a brand :p
Try I have less idea of Coupons Deals Site

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