DWQA QuestionsCategory: SEOHow to get traffic from Quora on niche blog?
Sam asked 6 months ago

I want to drive traffic from Quora, kindly help someone.

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Anonymous answered 6 months ago

I got this from a blogger on facebook-
Guys, I’m getting great traffic to my new blog from Quora.
Here are the tips I implemented:
5 Tips to Get More Upvotes and Traffic on Quora? 🚀
#1. Demand-supply: You need to find the questions that have more followers, and fewer answers – preferably in the ratio of 5:1 or 7:1 depending upon the niche you’re in.
The hook: You have a few seconds to hook the readers in for reading your answer. Readers decide whether to read your answer or not by reading the introduction.
#2. Add custom bios: Do you know what you can add custom bios for every topic you answer in?
The bios should contain the below two elements: (people like credible answers)
✅Social validation
#3. Neat formatting: Your answers need to have ultra-short paragraphs, cliffhangers, blockquotes, bold, italics, lists, and images. You need to remember that you are dealing with people who have very short attention spans.
If you neatly structurize your answers, they’ll be read and upvoted.
#4. Replicate what’s working well: Before answering the question, just do a quick research of the existing questions on that topic that have highly upvoted answers.
#5. Be precise: Quora readers love precise answers. Don’t take storytelling or the hook offboard. Stay relevant to the topic you’re writing on.
Relevance is very important. Cut the blabber.
These are some generic tips.

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