DWQA QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsHow to Earn Rs 1lakh in just 4 month from Blogging?
Salve asked 7 months ago

Lets do a discussion..
a complete newbie who got some knowledge by watching seo courses, blogging courses..
he set a target that , he want to earn at least some lakh of rupees in 4 month, and he has 10k INR in his pocket, how will he achieve his target ( he already has hosting/theme/ and domain.. so dont include that in 10k INR) .
Lets share your strategies 🙂

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6 Answers
Srivastava answered 7 months ago

He can start with writing content for others.
Let’s break down the target. Suppose target is 1 lakh in 4 months which isn’t a bad amount for a newbie.
That’s 25k per month aur roughly 800 per day. 500 words decent content is somewhere around 200rs. So, if he consistently writes 2k words per day, he can achieve the target.
Moreover, he can further invest the money in his own sites, can create a team of writers who can write for him for even cheaper.
Just some practical strategies that actually make money.

Minnu answered 7 months ago

Let’s say he does content writing.
If he charges 50 ppw and writes 2K words daily, till 4 months…
He can total it to 1 Lakh.
But he will wear off after a time because 2K words per day everyday will lead him to lose his creativity.
So he now needs to hire two perfect people under him and get 2-3 long term projects earn commissions.etc
This is too much for a newbie to do under 4 months…
So yeah, content writing is one way.

Tiwari answered 7 months ago

practically in 4 months only seo wouldn’t pay!
First you have to have a good website at place, then apply for monitizing platform (adsense, maxbounty, etc)
Since you are new and you don’t have a base to rank your website, you need to reach out to people to get guest posts, quality backlinks to move up the ladder.
If you are lucky and you play your cards right, your website will rank and you’ll see some $$
Use these $$ to create a website network of your own, invest in good domains and clean website , sell guest guest posts/links and/or flip these website to make $$$.
Post screenshots
Gain some attention and respect of other bloggers, JV and again repeat guest posts, adsense, flipping to make $$$$
White hat will get you so long and will take more than 4 months (because you need at least 3-4 month old website to rank and earn from adsense, if you do it too soon, you lose the website and your will )
I could be wrong, correct me where needed!

Thawale answered 7 months ago

I think that it isn\’t easy for a complete Newbie to earn such amount in 4 months, and here are the reasons: 1) Even if he learns Everything using courses, etc, he won\’t be able to do it unless he starts working. 2) Just by watching courses, he won\’t get anything. 3) He needs to do some experiments, which would take at least 6 months. Experiments include Ranking for a Low/High competition keyword, CPA, Dropshipping, etc. 4) After all this, he would understand how things work! 5) So, It wouldn\’t be easy for him to earn â‚đ5 lakh in 4 months ðŸĪŠ

Ajay Singh answered 7 months ago

Work as freelancer at fever or upwork Also make a group and work together For a single person earning lakhs look tough in starting phase

Spradeep answered 7 months ago

Bro, two things:
1) Traffic
2) Revenue
There are so many ways to experiment and figure out. I’ll start with a basic one. There are plenty of people out there who buy Kindle eBooks, even I bought one a few months back for “Hindi” stuff. You can start making viral eBooks… and sell them. But, selling them is an art, and it starts with a good title, book cover and much more, but if you can provide valuable content, they will promote and do that.
I can’t assure you Kindle eBooks can give you lakhs, but if you can make more books which can get people’s attention, then why not.
And this is just one way, because never rely on a single income source.

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