DWQA QuestionsCategory: WordPressHow to Downgrade or RollBack WordPress from 5.0 to 4.9?
Dibyan asked 6 months ago

Hi, does anyone know how can I downgrade WordPress from 5.0 to a previous version of WordPress like 4.9. I got many plugins and theme conflict with the new version of WordPress and want to rollback it. Please help. Thanks

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2 Answers
Pankaj answered 6 months ago

You can rollback your WordPress version to any previous version. You need to install Wp Rollback plugin. Goto settings page from the dashboard and select the WordPress version or enter any WordPress release number. It will replace your current WordPress vereion to the previous one.
WordPress Rollback plugin

Gotham answered 6 months ago

Install Wp Rollback plugin and revert your WordPress release 5.0 to 4.9

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