DWQA QuestionsCategory: Trouble ShootingHow to Compress Files into a archieve on FTP server on FileZilla?
Shivansh asked 9 months ago

Hello, Does anyone know how to zip files on a FTP server?

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praankumar Staff answered 9 months ago

Login into your FTP Server and goto the root directory where you want to create archieve of the folder.
create a file called zipper.php in your local server and write this code below-


$archive = “xyz.zip”;
$directory = $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’];
exec( “zip -r $archive $directory”);


Now upload this zipper.php file in the same directory and run the url of the file. If your website is say http://example.com, then goto http://example.com/zipper.php then it will create a archieve of the whole directory named xyz.zip

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