DWQA QuestionsCategory: AdsenseHow to Add new site to Adsense to a approved Adsense Account?
Riad asked 9 months ago

AdSense update again AdSense Policy?
previously if we approve an AdSense. we can used in any Domain name in same AdSense. At first we need to add domain name in AdSense sites list, then put ad code in website. ads showing started in 15 minutes. I applied for my website. I also got approved.  Then ads also started showing. Now if I want to add an other domain in my AdSense. AdSense want to review my website. Also saying put the code in <head> in my website.  Now I want to know that, This is happening for me?  Hope you understand my question.
What I see sites options direct menu?
looking for you valuable comment.
Sorry for Bad English.
Thank you.

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