DWQA QuestionsCategory: Blogging QuestionsHow do you find Topic Ideas to write in your blog niche?
Deepak asked 6 months ago

I am confused about what to write in my blog. How to find blog topics ideas to write in my own niche?

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Praan answered 6 months ago

Read the others blog a lot in your niche. Do campaign among your audience what they want. Try to solve or give comprehensive explanation. To find your topics you may install keyword everywhere extension and search a keyword in your mind. The tool will give you the relative others keywords or topics to write about with monthy sesearch volume, coc and competition. Make a to do list of articles and write about them. Or else spy others blogs for which keyword their blogs are ranking and write if you can beat them. For a new blog I don’t recomend to go for higher competition keywords. To find toughness or difficulty of a keword you can use kwfinder, semrush or ahref. I think this will give you more idea about how you can find articles idea to write in your blog.

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