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Sekhar asked 7 months ago

Guys, I am looking for help with getting domain and hosting.
I’m totally new to blogging/website maintaining, but eager to start a website for a review purpose. (It’s going to be a kind of interactive platform for users to benefit others and also get benefitted).
So, I have to start from scratch – buying domain (.com) and hosting. From my research, I got to know paid hosting with WordPress is good. So, I’m preferring WordPress and .com domain.
Also, I’m really packed with my tight schedule and couldn’t concentrate most of my time on it. But, considering the Black Friday offers I wish to buy/subscribe the services now but concentrate to work on it later.
I’m really not sure how setting up a website with public accessibility is done.
1. While buying domain name, they give us public IP and then we configure it in the DNS with our required and available domain name during hosting, or service provider itself will configure it for us?
2. Can I just buy domain and hosting services now, and setup and develop then later after 4 or 5 months?
3. How much will it cost for .com domain and WordPress hosting for a year separately?
Any other advice is appreciated. Excuse me if there is something irrational.
– I’m a Telecom and networking techy and I can understand the tech stuff but completely new to web Hosting.

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3 Answers
Dedhia answered 7 months ago

1. When you buy the domain you don\’t get any IP, only domain management settings (server IP, DNS settings, mail server settings etc) 2. when you buy hosting you get IP as well as name server settings that you have to enter it to your domain management section of your domain registrar. 3. .com costs around $11 (regular price not talking about BF deals) , WP hosting varies hugely, can go as low as $3-$4 per month. My suggestion don\’t bother about anything unless you are sure of your product and want to start from today.

Sameer answered 7 months ago

1. You don’t need to go much technically, Just place Nameservers provided by host in your domain account.
2. Yes, you can.
3. A) .COM domain will be availabe as cheap as $0.88 with WhoIs protection from Namecheap.
B) Hosting offers are different from company to company. Namecheap will provide it 95% + off. You can look for other companies’ discountsas well.

Jit answered 7 months ago

1. I didn\’t quite understand this..2. Yes you can. This is arguably the best time to buy hosting and domains, so there\’s no harm in stacking them for future use.3. During the offer period, basic hosting and domain (.com/.net) would cost you under $3 total for a full year.

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