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Tricks Dunia asked 3 months ago

How & when to apply Adsense?

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praankumar Staff answered 3 months ago

AdSense approval trick.
Disclaimer: No Tricks last forever. So, try at earliest.
1. Get any TLD i.e .com .net etc.
2. Create a blog on any niche.
3. Post 10-30 copyright free articles.
4. Add necessary pages like about, contact, privacy policy etc.
5. Add your site in search console.
6. Use simple theme. (Easy ro navigate and mobile friendly)
7. Don’t link to same site again and again (outbound links)
8. Don’t apply for AdSense unless your posts are indexed in Google.
9. Use the phone number and address that is never used for AdSense. (Address and name matters a lot)
10. Don’t copy articles from one site again and again (If you are spinning the articles).
11. Don’t do grammar mistakes (use grammerly) What’s special in this trick? This is same trick that was used before new policy. Infact, it is not the trick, it is the legit way. Here is the cool part. When you get approval on any blog (it is the approval for blog not for domain) you get the idea that this blog is acceptable in Google’s eyes. When you have to get approval on domain, you just replace the domain of blog with new one. Same blog, same articles, different domain. What I do for approval? I have a blog (say example. blogspot .com), well designed and articles are written by me. The blog is powered by blogspot (blogger). When I have to approve any domain for AdSense, I simply attach the new domain with that blogspot. Now my blogspot is example .com and I apply for AdSense. If your domain is example.com and you want to get AdSense approval on this domain. Go to your blogspot, remove the existing custom domain and attach the boggersfunda .com And apply for AdSense. If you don’t get approval. The reasons may be: Posts are copyright. Or posts are not indexed. Or blog is not user friendly. Once AdSense is approved. Remove the domain from blogger and attach to your favorite site/blog or install wordpress. Or whatever you wanna do. That’s it!

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